We Offer


  • Education and training in the field of human resource development
  • Support for statistical processes
  • Preparation, management and implementation of development projects, nature entrepreneurial projects, projects in tourism, culture and recreational facilities, projects for the development of sports activities and projects in the field of employment and social and education
  • Leadership and participation in EU projects in the field of education and training, promoting employment and social inclusion
  • Assistance in the preparation and management of projects and the acquisition of EU funds


  • Research and experimental development in social sciences and humanities
  • Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
  • Integration and networking experts from various scientific, artistic, cultural and educational fields and support of scientific research
  • Design and implementation of scientific research programs relevant to promote social, economic, technological, scientific and cultural development
  • Conducting market research
  • Creating and designing web pages
  • Web application development
  • Other activities related to information technology and computer service


  • Our experts developed an innovative program ALAFIT for weight reduction, body contouring and healthy life style, a complete novelty in Slovenia. Our experts implement the program ALAFIT for all people.
  • We work for the common good of all people at the municipal level, we work with local communities and municipalities to create external fitness in city parks, homes, nursing homes, hotels, etc …
  • We develop a verieti of sport programs.
  • We organize sport events that are outdoor and indoor.

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