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The Institute Trend-Prima deals with project management, helps and advices in the implementation of projects. We collaborate and manage applications in implementation of projects and prepare courses related to successful project management. As best we are trying to spread knowledge and are happy to acknowledge that with each challenge and each project employees themselves learn a lot. In most projects we have been dealing with vulnerable groups. Through research and analysis of their problems, we have developed successful methods and measures with which we have helped to improve the situation of vulnerable groups. When implementing projects we have worked with many small businesses and individuals, whom we helped find the best solutions.

Simon Wltavsky

Bachelor of Mathematics. Responsible for project management and all IT. Organizes and conducts seminars and workshops on programming, data analysis, statistical data processing, application development, creation and management of web pages. Head of projects in the field of entrepreneurship, tourism, culture, sport, employment and education.

Zdenka Wltavsky

Doctor of Economics. She passed the Economics exam in the field of education and teaching. Research associate, project manager of more than 30 national and EU projects. The head of the development tasks in the field of standards of knowledge and rehabilitation services, author of scientific papers in the field of employment disadvantaged people.

Lea Lebar

Master of Social Informatics, a researcher in the field of social protection, manager and participate of various national and EU projects, whose purpose is to help vulnerable groups. Experience in the implementation of evaluations in the field of social services and prepares statistical analysis. Co-author of scientific articles in the field of social protection.

Vida Perko

Master of Economics, has the professional examination of the administrative procedure act, is a voucher advisor, etc. She is a lecturer in training for future entrepreneurs and SMEs. She has a lot of experience in participating in various projects, managed several reginal (LAS), national and EU (Erasmus+ and Interreg) projects.

Urša Kres

She complited the studies at the Faculty of Architecture. She is a designer, architect and project manager. She worked at the Faculty of Architecture as a Student Assistant. She worked on many different architectural and designing projects. Member of Council for museum and culture in town Litija. She is also a volunteer for many different organizations.

Barbara Poljanec

Bachelor in International Business, major in International Marketing. Personal trainer with years of experiences offering complete personal approach. Organizes and conducts group fitness workout, is pilates instructor, zumba fitness instructor and zumba toning Instructor. She worked to improve the health of individuals.

Bojan Drakšič

Master of Economics. Personal trainer with 20 years of experiences offering complete personal approach to shaping the body with all the elements of rehabilitation programs following injuries to both athletes and recreationists. Has a licence for personal coaching in fitness and group exercises, aerobics from Slovenian fitness association.


In the TREND-PRIMA Institute, we work closely with the local community and volunteers to enable the institute to operate. We worked with many different volunteers and project associates.

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